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Now save up to $10.00 on your first order!

Three Nines Plus CSG
  - Battery Colloidal Silver Generator.

                                       by Kestar Enterprises.

Make your own Colloidal Silver for less than a dollar a litre, with a quality which is as good or better than you can buy.

Colloidal Silver is pure water which has silver held in colloidal form; i.e. ultra-microscopic silver ions in solution (ionic silver) and ultra-microscopic particles of silver held in suspension by a positive charge on each atom.


Three Nines Plus CSG - Portable Colloidal Silver Generator

The new design portable colloidal silver generator runs on three internal nine volt batteries (supplied) and will produce high grade Colloidal Silver if used as per instructions and using the correct water.

Kestar Enterprises reserves the rights to change the design/layout of the product.

Three Nines Plus CSG on glass of High Grade Distilled Water Three Nines Plus CSG next to glass of High Grade Distilled Water
Three Nines Plus CSG - Controls Items are not to same scale.


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This unit is battery operated - so it is very portable. It weighs less than 400gms. The alkaline batteries make up most of the weight.
If you have to go to hospital take a Three Nines Plus CSG unit with you, together with some high grade distilled water.


Make your own High Quality Colloidal Silver for less than a $1.00 per litre.

There is no need for an on off switch; when the unit is not in use, there is no current flowing from the batteries. Simply remove the unit from the water and it is off. Store the base of the unit clear of any metal surface. (The batteries can be easily removed, if required by the airline authorities)

This unit is NOT automatic - you must monitor LED brilliance and compare this with the preset brilliance when the switch is pressed.
This unit is NOT a battery version of the MProCSG, which has sophisticated electronic control, monitoring and switch off circuitry,
but with care, this unit will make the same grade of colloidal silver as the MProCSG...
The unit does not have a timer. You can use a timer to remind you to remove the unit from the glass once you work out the timing for your glass size and water volume.

The unit is short circuit protected so that you cannot damage the internal circuit, the batteries or the LED if the electrodes are accidentally shorted on a metal surface. If the unit is left in a short circuit situation for an extended period, the battery life will be compromised.

Simply place the unit on top of a glass# of High Grade Distilled Water.
The water should come up to a level which is just below the plastic sleeves on the electrodes.
(#this could be a drinking glass, glass jar or beaker etc. (not plastic))

Once the brilliance does not change when the switch is pressed, the unit should be removed from the glass. The Colloidal Silver is then at the optimum concentration (5 - 10 ppm).

Once the generator LED is at the same brilliance as the preset level the generator will continue to run in "Constant Current" mode. It is not recommended to run it for too long in this condition as the silver  concentration will increase and the particle size of the colloidal silver could become too large to have any benefit.

The electrodes should be cleaned regularly throughout the process, and at the finish using a fresh facial tissue - NOT a plastic scourer (plastic scourers remove too much silver and scratch the surface of the electrodes).

Even though this unit will work with any water, high grade distilled water is the only type of water which will produce high grade colloidal silver. Also if any water other than high grade distilled water is used the LED compare method using the switch will not work (there will be no difference in the LED brilliance). The unit will be in "Constant Current" mode continually.
... Remember: Don't drink cloudy colloidal silver.

The Three Nines Plus CSG unit comes in an ABS plastic box which measures:-
 135mm (approx. 5 1/4") by 75mm (3") by 50mm (2") plus electrodes.

The Three Nines Plus CSG unit is supplied with the same electrodes as the MProCSG unit. You simply plug them into sockets in the base of the unit. Spare electrodes are available from the purchase page. Go To Top

Electrode description:-
99.99+% pure silver
Large diameter (10gauge or larger - depends on source)
Full length - approx. 90 mm (approx. 3 1/2")
Active silver length - approx. 55mm (approx. 2 1/4")
Fitted with 4mm "banana plugs" (included in full length)
Life expectancy - approx 100 - 200 Litres of Colloidal silver

The Three Nines Plus CSG unit is designed and professionally produced in South Australia by Kestar Enterprises using high quality components and parts.

Approximately 350 hours of continuous use/production (constant current rating). Typically, when used correctly this total usage time will be much longer.

Three Nines Plus CSG unit is protected by a three year warranty for faults in workmanship in manufacturing and parts.
The electrodes, which eventually become thinner, are not included
     in this warranty.
The batteries are not included in the warranty.
The warranty does not cover damage through accident or other, not limited to: dropping, water ingress, excessive force, exposure to the elements or internal damage caused while changing the batteries.

The electronic design of the unit is based on the original application hints from the National Semiconductors data sheet for the main current control component.

The unit consists of:
High quality printed circuit board holding all components.
9V battery holders (x3)
High quality safety 9V battery clips (x3)
Alkaline 9V batteries (x3)
Special integrated current limiting circuitry.
Compare push button switch.
Compare LED bezel.
4mm electrode sockets (x2)
Internal wiring.
The 99.99+% pure silver electrodes (x2)

The time to produce a typical glass of Colloidal Silver is about 30mins.
This will vary with the size of the glass.

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Drinking Glass or glass jar, etc. (not plastic)
High Grade Distilled Water.
You, to monitor the process...

Email Kestar if you have any questions via the Contact Page.


$150.00 Pickup (Adelaide Metro area) with bonus.
$170.00 AUD including insurance & registered post to Australian addresses.
$250.00 AUD including Express Post International to the rest of the world.

$5.99 AUD for the circuit diagram of this colloidal silver generator so that you can make one yourself (see below)

The package will consist of:-

Main CSG unit (with three alkaline 9V batteries).
99.99+% pure silver electrodes (one pair).

BUY the Three Nines Plus CSG unit NOW!

Colloidal Silver Generator Circuit Diagram (Schematic)

You can now make your own colloidal silver generator.

Do it yourself and then make your own high quality colloidal silver.

Kestar Enterprises now presents the complete circuit (schematic) diagram, parts list, specifications and full description available for download as a PDF.

The schematic supplied is exactly the same as that used in the "Three Nines Plus CSG" above. In use, the circuit is designed to enter the constant current mode at the end of the colloidal silver production.

The circuit information supplied indicates the working voltage and the actual value of the constant (maximum) current supplied to the silver electrodes.

This generator is not just three batteries in a box as many others are!

Remember - If you need the silver electrodes, these are also available from this site as a separate transaction.

The cost of the PDF download is only $5.99

How to purchase

Click on the "Buy Now" button above...

If you want copies for your friends please increase the "Quantity" as you proceed though the PayPal process.

This payment is accepted through PayPal and this can be from your PayPal account or by using your credit card. You don't have to join PayPal to make this purchase.

What to do after clicking "Buy Now"

After you purchase the PDF through PayPal, you will be taken to the download screen. Once on the download screen, normal (left) clicking on the link will open the PDF in Adobe Reader

If the PDF opens after purchase you must "Save a copy" from the
"File" menu in the Adobe Reader or similar. Some applications allow you to right click the open PDF to save a copy.

Right clicking on the link on the download screen will allow you to use the "Save.." option - remember where you save it - Save to  the Desktop in the first instance then move it somewhere else later if required.

**** Copyright ****

Please note that this PDF circuit diagram is copyrighted to
Kestar Enterprises and is not to be distributed or redistributed by any other means other than via the "Buy Now" button above without permission from
Kestar Enterprises.

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You will need Adobe (Acrobat) Reader ver 3.0 or above to view this file.
If you don't have this program installed, you may download the latest version by clicking on this button, it's  FREE ...

All too hard?

Maybe you don't want the hassle of building a generator and having to mount it in some box etc. Doing it yourself may work out slightly cheaper, but can be messy and time consuming.
Don't forget the silver electrodes are a big part of the cost of the unit.

You can buy one ready built, ready to go - see above

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