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  Name: Takuya
From: ???, ???
Date:- June 16, 2015

I LOVE Colloidal Silver. I have not had a cold in ages. I use my nebulizer the second I feel icky & I'm fine the next day. Have not had a sore throat last more than a day. I have not had a canker sore last longer than 24 hours. When I bite my lip, I spray it immediately with silver and its fine the next day. I spray it several times on bug bites and it neutralizes the poison in the bite and the welt is gone within hours. Spray it on when I get hives or itchy rash, gone in min. LOVE using CS

  Name: Peter J
From: QLD, Australia
Date:- March 18, 2015

Had nasal/sinus infection for decades. I gave up trying to cure but after a couple of weeks of colloidal silver up the nose; completely cured, breathe freely through my nose and without any runny nose problems in the morning. Thanks Eric

  Name: Graham C
From: NSW, Australia
Date:- October 14, 2014

Hi Eric, Thanks for the great service as it [MProCSG] arrived last Friday and has already produced about 5 litres. I'm sure we will get many more years of trouble-free colloidal silver production. Regards, Graham C

  Name: Ivan B
From: NSW, Australia
Date:- January 1, 2013

I have had this device [MProCSG] since being introduced via friend P.T and this website for documentation. Colds/Flu hardly exist, and if by chance last less the 12hrs. Good on wounds and internally just make me feel great. An Australian product built to a standard and not cheap and nasty. I spread the good news on this product. As they say information is power Ivan.B

Name: Capt JL
From: Idaho, USA
Date:- September 18, 2012

I want to say this is the best site I have found today. Been on the Internet trying to find such a circuit as yours. Been using CSG for years but have lost my machine. I had a circuit I built that was a constant current generator but got lost recently in a move. I am glad you are not so secretive with your device. I am going to build your machine and I will let you know how it works. Thanks for the help. Capt. JL

Name: Janet H
From: QLD, Australia
Date:- November 29, 2011

Hi Eric,
I use the colloidal silver for everything.
My birds and cats get it in their drinking water everyday and my husband and I take it.
I had a nasty cat bite from a feral cat and cotton wool soaked in colloidal and kept on the
wound worked in a few days (no antibiotics).
Held in the throat for sore throats will work over night.
The unit [MproCSG] is excellent, very easy to use and so economical.
Thanks again,

Name: John E
From: SA, Australia
Date:- October 18, 2011

Hi Eric,

I accidentally incurred deep battery acid burns on two fingers whilst doing golf cart maintenance.
Being diabetic, recovery was negligible, so I bathed the wounds in C.S.
Healing soon began with full recovery achieved in five days. If C.S. can do that externally, imagine how it may help internally.
Thanks to your C.S.GENERATOR [MProCSG] I have a constant supply of colloidal silver which has made me cold, flu and sore throat free.

Many thanks
John E

Name: Peter Traj
From: NSW, Australia
Date:- July 3, 2010

I have experimented with colloidal silver generation for many months now and I have tried a number of units. However, I was always curious as to whether I was getting the correct particle size and concentration, which is the most important consideration: “Is it strong enough”? Is it too strong? “Is it clean enough”? These are the important questions a serious silver maker asks himself. Your product has solved these issues!!!! Your unit [MProCSG] is an intelligent feedback system which monitors water quality and colloidal strength and the beauty is that “it won’t let me” make the concentration to low or too high or the particle size to large or too small—-it only allows the correct mix!! This is a god-send as the mix is always consistent. Thanks again Eric and I will be referring your web site to my all my friends.

Peter Traj

Name: Richard G
From: Victoria, Australia
Date:- January 31, 2010

I bought a CS generator [MProCSG] from you probably 3 or more years ago. We have been extremely successful in our use of colloidal silver.
It really is an excellent product especially since I suffer a lot from eye irritation (contact lenses).
We also use it successfully on our horses when they gash or cut themselves to stop any infection.

Name: Michael T
From: Queensland, Australia
Date:- November 18, 2009

I am impressed, Mail delivery to Beaudesert was exceptionable fast and contents were so very well packed, my MProCSG operates perfectly using Moores ultrapure distilled water obtainable at Woolworths. Many Thanks Kestar.

Name: Rod L
From: Queensland, Australia
Date:- September 30, 2009

Thanks for the Three Nines Plus generator is going great guns.

Name: Brian C
From: Sydney, Australia
Date:- November 3, 2008

Prior to purchasing your Colloidal Silver generator unit [MProCSG], I searched the Internet reading about Colloidal Silver and what benefits it may have to my health, this is the second time I have contacted " Golden Staph" infection. First time from Hospital, second time from work related infected toe.

Being unknown and what effect this product may have on my health I was very cautious about purchasing and using Colloidal Silver. First of all I purchased a bottle of Colloidal Silver from health shop, over a month period I took small amounts of the fluid, as I was on heavy antibiotics, and other medications. Also I had to have weekly Blood tests to monitor my medications. At no time did my daily medications vary, whilst taking the Colloidal Silver.

I found your web-site and several others Re Colloidal Silver generators ....  Being Australian
and your generator made in Australia, thought I would stick with Australian made unit.

Still being cautious I decided to purchase unit "mprocsg" also spare Silver electrodes / 2 spray bottles.

Payment on the net was very easy via secured credit card and delivery (Sydney) on third day.

The Colloidal Silver generator unit to me is well made and so simple to operate .... Over a 3 week period I've made 5 Litres . I drink 3 glasses per day, spray on "Staph" infection / rids my dandruff.
Fish tank has never looked better / also have sprayed garden.

Eric if at any time you may need a reference or any person in Sydney area who is thinking about purchasing one of your units but is cautious as I was .... I will demonstrate for them if you like.

Name: Sandra C
From: Victoria, Australia
Date:- August 2, 2008
fantastic person to deal with!!
everything went perfectly!!!
Name: Tom B
From: Los Angeles, CA
Date:- March 15, 2008

Thankyou for sending the Three 9's Plus unit so fast. I am so pleased with the way it works. It is so simple to use. Congratulations on your efficient service and communications.

Name: Gordan R
From: SA, Australia
Date:- Feb 20, 2008

I have been using one of your MPROCSG generators now for just over three years and have had some incredible results. I have found that I stay completely well without catching coughs and colds.  I will keep on taking it.  I also make colloidal silver for friends and they have great results in improvement of their health as well. My machine is kept very busy. Thankyou.

Name: Monika B
From: Tasmania, Australia
Date:- Apr 10, 2007

I am very happy with my little machine [MProCSG]. I have helped a lot of people regain their health with C/S.

Name: John K
From: USA
Date:- Dec 12, 2006
Excellent site, added to favorites!!

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