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Firstly, let me say, that I think that "Constant Current" can be built into the design of a colloidal silver generator, but constant current does not have to be used in the design of all colloidal silver generators.
ie. In the MProCSG unit, featured on this website, the current slowly increases as the water gains more and more silver particles (becomes more conductive). When this increasing current reaches a predetermined amount the unit switches off automatically. The result of this is high grade colloidal silver at a repeatable concentration.

It is true that a "Constant Current" generator will run at constant current at the end of the cycle when that current is reached. See below for explanation of this process. For most of the production the generator should not be in the constant current mode. (see Colloidal Silver Facts below)

I was trained in electronics and have technical knowledge of the principles of Ohms Law.


Ohms Law is the relationship between applied voltage (E), resistance (R) and the resultant current (I) in an electrical circuit.


or  I (current) equals E (voltage) over R (resistance)

This means that the current in a circuit is directly related to the voltage divided by the resistance. ie. If the voltage stayed constant the current would increase as the resistance decreased.


  • High grade colloidal silver is produced from high grade distilled water. (If it's not made from high grade distilled water - don't drink it.)
  • High grade distilled water is very pure and as such has a very, very high resistance (very low conductivity).
  • Automatic conductivity sensing colloidal silver generators turn off when the conductivity of the water, ie. when the current through the water reaches a certain level.


To produce a constant current at the beginning of the process when the resistance through the water is very, very high, the voltage applied would also need to be very, very high. In actual fact, probably 1000's of volts, but the "Constant Current" generator producers claim that the generators are a low voltage unit. ie. around 27 to 30 volts.

With a typical low voltage colloidal silver generator, the current at the beginning of the process will (should) always be very, very low. This current will increase very slowly as the conductivity increases (resistance decreases) due to the increase of silver content in the water.
After a few hours (not minutes - NOTE: This depends on the quantity of water being converted) the current will have reached a point where the sensor will switch the unit off, as it is designed to do. This switch off current point controls the PPM (parts per million) strength of the colloidal silver.


In actual fact, most colloidal silver generators are more what could be termed "Constant Voltage". In nearly every case the voltage would be constant for most of the process and then reduce slightly, due to internal resistance of the circuitry, as the generation process nears completion and as the circuit goes into constant current mode.  

Some colloidal silver generators which do not turn off automatically by electronic sensing, will use a constant current mode at the end of the process using a current limiting system, so that the current cannot exceed a certain amount. These generators often use a timer (internal or external) to switch the unit off after a predetermined time. This timer method produces colloidal silver of an inaccurately determinable strength. The temperature and other factors can effect the strength.

Maybe, some people who use the term "Constant Current" refer to the fact that their generator puts out a continuous current without it being interrupted. That is not the true meaning of constant current.

Simple generators which use current limiting will run continuously in constant current mode if water other than high grade distilled water is used or run at constant current at the end of the cycle as the silver concentration builds up in the water.

The Three Nines Plus CSG uses a constant current circuit.

But remember: To obtain high quality Colloidal Silver you must start out with high grade distilled water.


If you would like any further explanation about this subject, or would like to comment, please contact me through the Contact Page or
Guest Book form.

Eric Rodda
Electronics Technical Officer

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